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A Flagship Event by Zubi
You must do the thing you think you cannot do.

LetsHack 1.0

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about LetsHack


LETS HACK 2020 is a 36-hours power packed virtual hackathon. It consists of workshops, talks, networking sessions, prizes, career opportunities, and a lot more. It will bring together coders, designers, content creators, entrepreneurs, and innovators around the country to collaborate and build using emerging technologies.
LETS HACK is completely FREE to those who attend and #BUILD. We don’t believe in creating barriers for the community. So, what are you waiting for?

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learn from experts
Learn from experts.
With professionals from the tech industry as our guest-speakers, our workshops will open new channels and expand your knowledge. Participate in workshops covering topics such as software engineering, product design, to startups.
dream project
Build your dream project.
Letshack challenges your creativity, innovation, and skills by facilitating an immersive environment for innovators! Participants will receive free access to various premium tools and softwares to help build their project.
Win prizes and get recruited.
Rise to the top and win various prizes like money, a pitching session with Silicon Valley investors, a spot in a startup accelerator, and many more. Winners will also stand a chance to receive a prioritized job application process to Indonesia's top technology companies.
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Build for the future, disrupt now.


Rama Devi Lanka

Director - Emerging Technologies, GOVT. of Telangana

Jayesh Ranjan

Principal Secretary - IT, Electronics and Communication Department, GOVT. of Telangana

Siddharth Menon

Co Founder & COO at WazirX | Co Founder, Products and Design at Crowdfire

Anubhav Shrivastava

Key Account Management at Signzy<| TEDx/Keynote Speaker | Authored 3 National Bestsellers | Ex Consultant

Sandeep Nailwal

Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer at Matic Network

Aman Sanduja

Co-founder & Director, Zubi | TEDx Speaker

Arkodyuti Saha

Developer Relations (Cloud + AI) at Microsoft

Yashovardhan Agrawal

Hackathon Community Manager - APAC & EU at MLH

Haimantika Mitra

Tech Speaker | SIH'20 Winner | MSFT Learn Student Ambassador

Nikita Gandhi

Community Manager at Google Developers

Sohini Pattanayak

Developer Advocate at Dabble Lab

Ashish Sahu

Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft

Praveen Kumar Purushothaman

Full Stack JS Developer, Zubi EmergeTech Influencer, Author, Ex Microsoft MVP, YouTuber, Blogger

Parth Anand

Augmented Reality | | Featured In & DailyHunt

Santosh Yadav

Google Developer Expert for Angular| GitHub Star | Software Consultant | Open source contributor

Madhav Bahl

Software Engineer at Microsoft | Public speaker | 2x Top writer at Medium

Aarnav Jindal

Google Kickstart top 3 percentile || CodeChef 6 star || CodeForces 1932 || SDE Cure.Fit

Ayon Roy

Speaker Doing ML, Deep Learning, AI, Data Science, Python @ FinTech Hackathons

Andrew Cronk

Chief Product Officer at Figment

Yannick Folla

Product Manager and Head of Learn at Figment

OUR Judges & Mentors

Aditya Oberai

Gold Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador | MLH Coach

Ekansh Gupta

Incoming Imagineer, Fractal Analytics | GCI Mentor, CircuitVerse

Simran Makhija

Gold MSFT Learn Student Ambassador | Microsoft VS Code Hackathon Winner | GirlScript Indore City Lead

Garima Malhotra

Software Engineer at Google | Ex SWE intern at Morgan Stanley | Google WTM APAC scholar 2019

Arsh Goyal

Incoming SWE at Lowe's India | SWE Intern at ISRO

Bhargav Patel

Google ML Facilitator | Mentor at Coffee Hours Club | Former Data Science Intern at Oizom

Shivay Lamba

GSoC Mentor @Jenkins @CNCF | GCI Mentor @Tensorflow | Engineering @ DarkHorse | Product Head @ Metvy

Tanushi Karanwal

Program Manager - Amazon Alexa Student Influencer Program | Microsoft Azure Skills Program

Moulik Aggarwal

Software Engineer @DeepSource | Auth0 Ambassador | GSoC'19 @Salesforce | Full Stack Developer

Mohit Bhat

Blockchain Developer | Full Stack Developer | Technical Head Script Foundation |

Avinash Kumar

Student Ambassador at Tezos India and Matic Network | Ethereum Developer |

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Our Internship Partner


Everyone is welcome to apply, be it students, professionals or turing-test certified androids. No age barrier or experience required. It is the right place for anyone who's interested in learning and innovating with their ideas.
Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. LETS HACK is completely FREE to those who attend and #BUIDL. We don’t believe in creating barriers for the community.
The applications will open soon. Meanwhile, you can register for updates to get updated as soon as the applications go live!
No worries, Interest in learning and working with technology is much more important than your current experience level. Whether you're a coder, an artist, a designer, or a writer, you'll get a chance to work with various mentors, attend workshops, interact with companies, and learn alongside fellow participants.
Yes! This hackathon is strictly a team competition. We believe that you’re stronger as a team than you are apart. You can join or create a team once you've started an individual application. You can form teams of 1-4 people. Most teams aim to have a mix of people with both design and development skills.
Not to worry, most people don’t! We’ll have team formation and ideation time geared towards helping you find people to work with. Meanwhile, you can join our Telegram Community to find potential teammates.
You cannot work, copy, or iterate on past projects. Using your APIs or third-party APIs is allowed, as long as the project is entirely new.
We are going to announce some really exciting prizes soon. Stay tuned!
If you're looking to be a volunteer, speaker, mentor, or sponsor, you should reach out to us at

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